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Derma Roller: brush with fine needles to restore skin youth

Derma Roller: brush with fine needles to restore skin youth
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Derma Roller: brush with fine needles to restore skin youth
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  • Model: ديرما رولر : فرشاة بإبر دقيقة لاستعادة شباب البشره
It is a brush-like tool and has a head that has compact rows of fine needles covering it, the length and thickness of which vary from one tool to another. The head with the needles is characterized by its swivel so that the user can pass it on the desired area to be treated easily. The derma roller head usually contains 100-1000 fine needles. Derma Roller principle is simple, when passing the head containing the fine needles on the skin, these needles penetrate the skin down to a certain depth to help break up the component tissue and scars and help to renew it. The derma-roller also causes a curative reaction in the body, starting with the production of new cells and large quantities of collagen and elastin in the area where the derma-roller has been passed. And the user can repeat the process with the doctor or at home a certain number of times, before he can see noticeable results after starting a period of not less than 3-6 months! Regular use of Derma Roller helps to improve hair health by: * Promote blood flow in the scalp, stimulate hair regrowth and combat hair loss. * Stimulating the production of hormones necessary to strengthen hair follicles and the production of new hair. * Promote the absorption of nutrients into the scalp to accelerate hair growth and strengthen and nourish the follicles. 2- Derma Roller benefits for skin and face Derma Roller has many great benefits for the skin, here are the most important: * Reducing the severity of wrinkles, as Derma Roller helps to enhance collagen production and fill in sunken areas of the skin, but deep wrinkles need more sessions of course than mild wrinkles. * Stimulating the healing of scars and their disappearance completely from the surface of the skin. * Improve the appearance of aging spots, or the so-called liver spots. * Promote the absorption of essential medicinal preparations, especially for those who have damaged their skin due to excessive exposure to sunlight. * Significantly improving the appearance of acne scars, speeding up their healing and enhancing absorption of the necessary topical treatments. * Healing pigmentation and helping medicinal whitening preparations reach deeper layers of skin. * Improving the appearance of the skin in people with rosacea. * Treating skin thickness and improving its texture. * Reducing the appearance of chapped skin (but the user should not hope to completely disappear with the use of Derma Roller, this will not happen). Cases where the Derma Roller will not help you If the goal of using the Derma Roller is one of the above mentioned things, you will often get the desired results with regularity and some patience, but there are certain cases that the use of Derma Roller will not help you to treat it, and here are the most important: * Cellulite, cellulite tissue is often deep in the layers of the skin, so that Derma Roller can not reach. * Large pores, the use of derma roller may improve the appearance of large pores, but it will not hide or completely cure them.

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