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Organic avocado oil 118 ml

Organic avocado oil 118 ml
Organic avocado oil 118 ml
45.00 SAR
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  • Brand: Now -ناو
  • Model: زيت الافوكادو العضوي 118 مل
It is 100% oil and it is a moisturizing oil for dry, rough and cracked skin Many people may hide the benefits of avocado oil and use this oil for skin care, body and hair care, and oral and dental cleaning, and in this article we give you information about this wonderful product, which is considered one of the best types of oils for personal care for unisex. If you have these problems with your skin, avocado oil is the right solution for all skin problems. Supports the skin and makes it flexible, healthy and healthy. Avocado oil is very rich in nutrients that support and help nourish dry and rough skin. This wonderful oil is also used for massage because it does not leave fat because the skin absorbs it quickly and is very useful for massage and massage for the whole body. Avocado oil is a personal care product because it contains serums and nutrients that also matter to hair, especially if used with shampoo and conditioner while taking a shower. It makes hair soft, silky and dense. Avocado oil contains natural moisturizers and serums that fight the effects and signs of aging. Avocado oil can be used as a conditioner and conditioner for the skin and scalp. And whoever desires positive results for the effect of this oil, he must continue and continue to use and use it for three months or more, and he will see desirable and ambitious results while continuing and maintaining this pure natural oil. Avocado oil can also be used for oral care if used with a natural mouthwash with a small amount of lemon They are cleanser and antiseptic for the mouth and teeth. Many people are interested in using this oil for skin and hair, especially in the United States of America and increasing its sales in large locations in America, Europe and Australia. The product has not been tested on animals because it is 100% safe, healthy and organic. They are the product of the American NOW FOODS company. Avocado oil has a transparent box to protect the oil from UV rays. So thanks to the company producing the amazing avocado oil.

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