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Organic Argan Oil 118 ml

Organic Argan Oil 118 ml
Organic Argan Oil 118 ml
70.00 SAR
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  • Brand: Now -ناو
  • Model: زيت ارقان عضوي للبشره و الشعر 188 مل
NOW solutions 100% pure and certified as an organic product Argentina Spinosa Moroccan gold Versatile oil Certified as an organic product by (USDA) Compressed in direct, hexane free manner He holds an international quality assurance certificate as an organic product Soothing: for dry hair and scalp and for the skin that needs natural, intense moisturizer and tonic. Laxative: organic argan oil comes from Morocco and is useful for all skin types as well as for its high content of fatty acids. Organic argan oil is a multifunctional product. Adds shine to your hair and moisturizes your skin, hair, scalp and nails. It also helps soothe, nourish, and protect the skin from the elements. Because it is easily absorbed, organic argan oil helps to maintain an ideal acidity rate for the skin.

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