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Apricot oil 118 ml

Apricot oil 118 ml
Apricot oil 118 ml
45.00 SAR
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  • Brand: Now -ناو
  • Model: زيت المشمش العضوي 118 مل
It provides great benefits for the skin's surface   It renews the complexion for a clear and radiant complexion   It repairs the appearance of uneven skin, flaking and roughness   Overview   The case is pressurized by the extruder and hexane free:   For skin without wrinkles   Suitable for irritated skin or the need for a complete physiotherapy   For dry hair   A rejuvenating natural oil ideal for softening fine lines   And restore healthy skin glow.   This gentle oil is rich in essential fatty acids   It has excellent restorative properties that enhance soft hair and radiance   And it helps to calm irritated skin.   Similar to oils and functions extracted from almonds   And oils extracted from the apricot kernels that nourish and moisturize your skin naturally the use:   As a body lotion, apply a few drops of 100% pure apricot oil to the desired area and gently massage it. Or add drops to your moisturizer box   For dry hair, place two drops in the palm of your hand and use it in hair strands   Specifications

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