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Translucent powder, gives a smooth and matte look to skin without sheen!   It blends quickly and smoothly with the complexion.   It keeps the makeup firm for longer.   Small size that accommodates your handbag...
55.00 SAR
Beige eyeliner for enlarging the eyes and masking the eyebrows, fixed, not dry and waterproof,..
10.00 SAR
Creamy formula creates smooth, precise and precise lines. Smudge-proof, water-resistant cover all day to sweat or tear..
30.00 SAR
4 beautiful colors 3 blusher colors and 1 bronze or contour Soft and silky With a mirror and a suitable size for the bag..
45.00 SAR
This mascara has dense and spaced hairs that help comb eyelashes from roots to ends, making them taller and more beautiful. The "Bourjois" golden mascara is also thick, easy to apply and helps in obtaining thicker eyelashes and attractive and striking looks, and Bourjois mascara raises and curves th..
40.00 SAR
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