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Matt Velvet Foundation for full coverage is the next generation liquid foundation with unparalleled coverage Unifies skin tone and hides imperfections thanks to innovative technology It allows skin comfort and oxygenation Flexible formula to cope with facial movements without cracking It doe..
195.00 SAR
Adds a golden or bronze look Anywhere you want to shine on your body and decompose. Its light and creamy texture can be applied easily and dries quickly...
80.00 SAR
It gives you shine of gemstones and velvety texture With every glow of your daily use or occasions It also contains a distinct combination of Vitamin E, jojoba oil, grapes, and apricots To preserve your skin   Plus her perfect size makeup bag...
35.00 SAR
Gives healthy lighting and glow to the face It gives you shine of gemstones and velvety texture With every glow of your daily use or occasions It also contains a distinct combination of   Jojoba, rose, sunflower, grapes and apricots to nourish and moisturize the skin and maintain your ski..
35.00 SAR
Laura Marciere's Highlighting Concealer Powder & Eye Highlighter. Powder designed to be used as a final touch to stabilize the concealer and hide lines under the eyes, also used to give immediate shine and light to the skin. Ultra-light translucent formula, does not cause any lumps, suitable for..
180.00 SAR
water resistant Black eyeliner Effective formula Rimmel London Eyeliner Exaggerate with its rich formula gives you a bold look to your eyes. The maximum control of the eyeliner brush allows you to make a fine, smooth line around the eyes. Made to fit your active lifestyle This e..
35.00 SAR
Fix Plus from Mac is one of the most popular products in the world of beauty and makeup, as it is considered more than a makeup fixer and it has many uses, it has been designed so that it can be used in many uses in an easy and simple way, which provides the purchase of many products  The other.  Fi..
95.00 SAR
An authentic German product Cream A silky moisturizer for all skin types, suitable for daily use Alternative to concealer and foundation, instant concealer for freckles and freckles, sun protection, covers pimples and redness of the skin, matt and matte like foundation, gives your skin softness ..
170.00 SAR
Enjoy a long-lasting makeup look with a spray. It comes in a fragrance-free formula with a light texture on the skin to ensure radiant, lumpy complexion. All-Over Spray, you can use it to enhance eye shadow color or to wear makeup. The perfect choice for a fresh, vibrant and long-wearing..
15.00 SAR
Designed to give your lashes 10 times more volume and volume, For bolder and exciting eyes. It is stable and lasts up to 24 hours. The brush is circularly designed, Large size and covered with fine bristles to give the desired density and reach all corners of the eye. Mascara is su..
45.00 SAR
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