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bourjois - بورجوا

This mascara has dense and spaced hairs that help comb eyelashes from roots to ends, making them taller and more beautiful. The "Bourjois" golden mascara is also thick, easy to apply and helps in obtaining thicker eyelashes and attractive and striking looks, and Bourjois mascara raises and curves th..
40.00 SAR
Bourjois Healthy Mix Face Powder
2-3 Days
An easy-to-combine formula helps to tone the skin tone and give it a matte finish. It gives a bright look without drying out the skin. Rich in vitamins A, C and B12 that help relieve fatigue and fatigue. The powder smells like fresh fruits..
70.00 SAR
Designed to give your lashes 10 times more volume and volume, For bolder and exciting eyes. It is stable and lasts up to 24 hours. The brush is circularly designed, Large size and covered with fine bristles to give the desired density and reach all corners of the eye. Mascara is su..
45.00 SAR
Mascara Bourjois Violet Mascara Twist Up 2 in 1 famous has a unique innovative design as it gives you an appreciation for using two different types of brushes for eye lashes with the same mascara. When you twist it, you get a mattress to lengthen the eyelashes, and in the second position you get..
40.00 SAR
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