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Magic Finish Cream by M. Asam Concealer & Concealer

Magic Finish Cream by M. Asam Concealer & Concealer
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Magic Finish Cream by M. Asam Concealer & Concealer

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An authentic German product Cream A silky moisturizer for all skin types, suitable for daily use Alternative to concealer and foundation, instant concealer for freckles and freckles, sun protection, covers pimples and redness of the skin, matt and matte like foundation, gives your skin softness and look, uniform color and suitable for all skin types. Magic Finish unique foundation with a velvety light texture, mousse, which, when applied, will turn your skin tone and start with a wonderful harmony as it penetrates into your skin layers in the blink of an eye to give you your natural color, full coverage, complexion free of blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines, pores and even spots. With this product, you will get healthy, radiant skin because it is not just an ordinary foundation cream, it is also a nourishing and therapeutic cream for all skin imperfections of all kinds. With Magic Finish from M. Asam, you don't need powder. How to use : After daily care, apply it to dry skin. You can reuse it until you get the coverage you want.
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  • Model: كريم ماجيك فينيش من ام.اسام. خافي العيوب والكونسيلير

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