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Garnier Ultra Doux Shampoo With Argan Oil & Camellia 400 ml

Garnier Ultra Doux Shampoo With Argan Oil & Camellia 400 ml
Garnier Ultra Doux Shampoo With Argan Oil & Camellia 400 ml

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If you wish your hair to be soft, smooth and fresh like the hair of children, Perhaps it is time for you to try Ultra Doux Shampoo, Ultra Doux's secret lies in the rich blend of two or more ingredients in every hair care product. These components blend together harmoniously to meet the needs of hair of all kinds, providing the necessary care to tackle the most difficult and complex problems ranging from hair breakage to dry hair, tiredness or damaged. The special thing is that most Ultra Doux formulations are free of silicone and paraben, which makes them safe and pleasant to use.   Returns the avocado oil and shea butter mixture to very dry hair Or curly, Giving impressive results. The vitamins and proteins that are rich and rich in avocado oil in addition to folic acid and copper and iron minerals in it, It penetrates deep into the hair to nourish it from the roots and give it superior protection and dazzling shine. And when combined with shea butter, which forms a natural balsam rich in vitamin E and with very moisturizing and restoring properties, It does wonders! Even the drier hair regains its vitality and shine And its smoothness so that it shines with a wonderful healthy appearance.     The mixture mounts the valuable honey benefits between propolis, royal honey and honey to deeply nourish damaged and weakened hair and restore it.     For dry hair, the argan oil and camellia formula provides a luxurious and gentle system that nourishes and restores dry and dull hair.     The five-plant shampoo mix envelops normal hair types that are vitally lacking in the benefits of green tea, eucalyptus, nettles, almond and lemon, which fix hair.     The traditional Provence heritage formula blends olive oil with rosemary's antioxidant essence to smooth your hair with healthy growth and shine.
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  • Model: شامبو غارنيه المذهل بزيت الارقان و الكاميليا 400 مل الترا دو

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