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Organic coconut oil

Organic coconut oil
Organic coconut oil

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the description

  Good for cooking

  Pure & unrefined - cold pressed extract - 62% of MCTs ‡

  Approved as a project that uses non-GM components)

  A product conforming to the specifications of the organic products approved by the US Department of Agriculture

  Dietary supplement

  Certified as Pro-Cert Organic

  Delicious fresh aroma and cream with coconut!

  Pure - cold pressed extract - organic - non-GMO

  Excellent source:

  Organic, very pure, unrefined, unbleached non-GMO coconut.  Hexane free.

  62% MCTs ‡ 8.6 g medium chain glyceride (lauric caprylic and capric acids) per dose.

  ‡ See appropriate nutritional supplement information for total fat and saturated fat content

80.00 SAR

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