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Hyaluronic acid serum

Hyaluronic acid serum
Hyaluronic acid serum

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Vitamin C Serum for Face from Oz Natural:

 Oz Naturals Serum for the face, restores the healthy glow of your skin as it works to treat pigmentation of the skin and stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and improve its texture to make it more flexible and full.

 It comes in a unique formula, Vitamin C and E, in addition to a mixture of halyorkenic acid.

 An ideal choice for fresh, silky skin.

 About the product:

 Contains 20% vitamin C.

 Suitable for aging skin, except sensitive skin

 How to use:

 Clean and prepare the skin

 Then apply one thin layer of serum to the specific skin or area

 Allow it to dry

 You can then apply moisturizing cream

 For better results: apply it twice a day

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