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Derma Roller: brush with fine needles to restore skin youth
-33 % 2-3 Days
Model: ديرما رولر : فرشاة بإبر دقيقة لاستعادة شباب البشره
It is a brush-like tool and has a head that has compact rows of fine needles covering it, the length and thickness of which vary from one tool to another. The head with the needles is characterized by its swivel so that the user can pass it on the desired area to be treated easily. The derma ro..
45.00 SAR 30.00 SAR
Elf Corrective Makeup Pen Elf Corrective Makeup Pen
-17 %
Brand: ايلف elf Model: قلم
Make-up pen to correct makeup mistakes and remove unwanted excesses without the need to wipe off the entire makeup. Extract of cucumber, chamomile and vitamin E Which helps to moisturize the skin. An ideal choice for a flawless make-up...
30.00 SAR 25.00 SAR
Elf mascara transparent for eyebrows and eyelashes
-29 %
Brand: ايلف elf Model: مسكره ايلف شفافه للحواجب و الرموش
Leaves eyelashes, eyebrows, shiny and healthy looking. It glides smoothly on eyebrow and eyelashes to get delicate effect. Enriched with long conditioning agents for deep hydration...
35.00 SAR 25.00 SAR
Essence transparent mascara for eyelashes and eyebrows
-14 %
Brand: essence - ايسنس Model: مسكره ايسنس الشفافه للرموش و الحواجب
Transparent mascara for eyebrows and eyelashes Farewell to unruly eyebrows, this gel with double action takes care of eyelashes and eyebrows and gives them the ultimate power It is a gel to nourish eyelashes during the active stage of hair growth to become longer, thicker, healthier and more b..
35.00 SAR 30.00 SAR
Laura Marse Make-Up Powder Laura Marse Make-Up Powder
-11 %
Brand: Laura Mercier - لورامارسيه Model: لوس باودر ماركة لورامارسيه - بودرة مكياج
Laura Marciere's Highlighting Concealer Powder & Eye Highlighter. Powder designed to be used as a final touch to stabilize the concealer and hide lines under the eyes, also used to give immediate shine and light to the skin. Ultra-light translucent formula, does not cause any lumps, suitable for..
180.00 SAR 160.00 SAR
White Adidas Superstar Sneakers, the most famous ever White Adidas Superstar Sneakers, the most famous ever
-25 % 2-3 Days
Model: حذاء اديداس ابيض سوبر ستار سنيكرز مقاس ٣٦ . درجه اولى
It has a solid front, long strap, First class ...
120.00 SAR 90.00 SAR
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