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Clay mask and eucalyptus detox pure clay mask removes fat.
2-3 Days
L'Oréal Laboratories have created a rich formula that works inside the pores to leave the skin firm, tight, non-oily, without drying it. Three types of pure clay mixed with eucalyptus, known for its purifying properties. L'oreal mask contains three types of pure clay: Kaolin: a pure natural ..
35.00 SAR
. الآن أكثر تركيزًا مع Pro-Keratin ، تعزز تركيبة الترطيب كل ألياف الشعر لمنحها القوة لمقاومة التآكل والتلف اليومي. ميزات المنتج: تعيد التركيبة نعومة ألياف الشعر وتتركها ناعمة الملمس بلمعة صحية. المكونات غنية طبيعياً بالأحماض الدهنية الأساسية ، تغذي التركيبة الشعر وتهدئ التجعد حتى ..
40.00 SAR
The algae mask and pure red clay exfoliate and re-brighten
2-3 Days
L'oreal Algae Mask & Pure Clay Mask Detox Face Mask cleanse the skin and regulate the secretion of fat without drying the skin It also helps lighten the skin. L'Oréal laboratories selected three types of pure clay mixed with red algae, known for their ability to give radiance the rich formula ..
35.00 SAR
Moov two-headed mascara On both sides, your eyes give you long, long lashes Without using false eyelashes Lashes and also a large volume of volume.   This is a double mascara !! It comes with a black inflated primer tip that adds volume and intensifies the look of eyelashes Anothe..
50.00 SAR
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